Artisans:              Josh Anderson and Barb Kelsey

Business Name:  Rust & Roses





Art Form:             Metal Design and Fabrication

Barb graduated from the Graphic Design Program at St. Lawrence College in 2000. Since then she has worked in print design and as a freelance designer. More recently she started working with 3D design software and has expanded her portfolio to include web design.

Josh has always had an interest in all things metal and tech. Growing up in rural Ontario, he spend a fair bit of time working on cars with his father or helping with his neighbor's farm. He also had a natural knack for electronics and would fix the computers at school. Over the years, he worked for a number of local IT firms before starting his own company in 2007. In his free time, Josh enjoys working on cars, welding and metal fabrication.

By bringing together our love for design and technology, we are able to create unique, intriguing design pieces, one of a kind art and custom metal fabricated elements.