Artisan:                Sharon Billings

Business Name:  Something Special Designs, Trends in Glass



Art Form:            Stained Glass - Traditional, Fused and Mosaic Designs

I have always been attracted to colours and designs, whether it was creating a one-of-a-kind or seeing if I could improve on something that was already made.  Since retirement I have followed this thought through my paintings and later on moved over to being a glass enthusiast, viewing textures and designs in a new light.

I took my first class in traditional glass making with a local artisan named Carol Pillar in Oxford Mills, Ontario.  This is where I was drawn to the art of designing and making stepping stones, windows, and panels.  I received a lot of encouragement with another fellow artisan named Joan MacGillis in Kemptville, Ontario.  She was always encouraging and never thought my ideas where too far out of the box.  After awhile I wanted to learn more so I enrolled in a couple of fused classes held by Stained Glass Stuff in Ottawa, Ontario.  After that exposure to fusing, my husband surprised me with a kiln and I have not looked back.  Along with the traditional glass and fusing I have also created tables and stepping stones using glass and have loved everything to do with glass.

With all the different forms of glass, there is so much room to experiment.  I do enjoy creating designs of my own and combing many different colours that I love.  I hope you love my work as much as I do!